Rob & Kathie R.

Joe did a great job helping us find and buy our home, Our needs for a home / home business property where unique and his prequalification's of the properties we looked at was very good. His coordination of inspectors, insurance agents and dealing with the sellers was outstanding and made the process much more efficient for me. We purchased our home in my busy season of work and could not have pulled it off with out him  Rob & Kathie R.

Phil & Denise R

Joe represented me with the sale of my home and I could not have had a better experience. Joe always has time to answer whatever questions you may have. He is very professional and takes pride in what he does. He does his job with your best interests in mind.

Carla A

Working with Joe Moore to buy my home, was a great experience. He was knowledgeable and answered every question. I have already recommended Joe to two of my friends who are interested in buying a home. My daughter recommended Joe to me, and I'm glad she did!! Carla A.

John M.

I met Joe through a friend. Due to his recommendation, I chose Mr. Moore to sell my deceased aunt's home. He was very personable from the moment we met him. From that time through the final settlement, I harassed him over and over. Never did he make me feel as though my questions or concerns were a waste of his time. If and when it comes time to use a realtor again, if he would have me, I will call on him again. Highly Recommend!  John M.

Steve & Stephanie S.

Joe was great to work with. He was honest but fair regarding his opinions when we asked for them and did not try to talk us in to or out of a home. He truly paid attention to what we liked and did not like and our non-verbal reactions to features of various homes and reminded us of these when we saw that same feature again. I probably won't be doing business with him again soon, as we purchased our home and plan to stay for a while. However, I highly recommend him to any prospective buyer or seller! Steve & Steph S.

Matt Z.

I have sold and purchased several homes over the years and I must say Joe is the best Realtor I have worked with. He is very knowledgeable and uses the most recent marketing tools available. He is straight forward with his advice and is extremely responsive to requests and follows up appropriately. I highly recommend Joe!!  Matt Z.

Joe R.

Joe was very friendly and knowledge about the area as well as how to navigate the complexities of a short sale. He made the process very easy and hands off for me. Was a great experience and will use him again next time I am looking to buy or sell. Joe R. 

Brent H

We where moving to Texas and needed to sell are home in Montgomery County PA. not only did Joe handle every aspect of the sale like a pro and got us top dollar; on moving day we where short handed, we didn't know how we where going to get everything done......it was a stressful day, then here comes Joe Moore walking down the drive way with a pair of work gloves! You will not go wrong with Joe selling your home or finding you your dream home! Brent & Heather H

Brian & Terry C.

Joe is one of the nicest and hard working people we know. Very honest and if he doesn't have the answer he will do anything to get it. We have recommended Joe a number of times to our family & friends. They all liked him so much too that they have also referred. Didn't find anyone who has had a negative thing to say about him. It's great to deal with someone you can trust. We highly recommend Joe and his services!! We promise you will not be disappointed! Brian & Terry C.

Roger W.

Joe explained the whole process in an extremely professional manner knowing that since this was my first time selling a house, I would have a lot of questions, which he answered. My son used Joe to both sell a house, and buy a house, and had nothing but high praise for Joe's handling of both transactions. Highly Recommend!  Roger W.

Rich & Jan H.

Joe helped us with every aspect of selling and buying our home. Our home sold quickly, and Joe worked tirelessly to put us in something before we had to move out. We found something new and were able to make settlement just in the nick of time. Thanks Joe! Rich & Jan H.

Kevin & Abbey W.

Joe did a fantastic job with selling our house. We were surprised with a quick job offer that required us to relocate across the country. Joe came through and got everything set up incredibly quick. Not only did he exhaust all efforts to get our house on the market efficiently, he also went above and beyond to monitor our house as we moved across the country during one of the snowiest winters in recent history. Joe checked on our house regularly to assure things were in order, even found that a tree had fallen on the back of our house during a snow storm. He helped us arrange all repairs and continued to show our house. He also assured the sidewalks and driveway were cleared of snow timely, again all while we were on the West coast over 2000 miles away. Joe went above and beyond for us; I can’t imagine working with another realtor in the area, I don’t believe any of them could compare to the dedication and true care that Joe has for his clients. Highly Recommend!! Kevin & Abbey W.

Tara H

Joe is always there when you need him and keeps constant contact with his clients, prospects, friends and business professionals in his network all the time! Joe is completely genuine, a professional whom you can trust and one who will get both buyers and sellers the best deal. Joe puts your agenda ahead of his and anyone elses. Joe has created a brand for himself that has become a staple in our house. If you need help with anything related to your home or commercial property Joe Moore has the knowledge, ideas or a person in his network he can quickly refer you to if not himself. When you deal with Joe, you will feel as though you are dealing with your best friend. He supports the communities he sells in and he extends himself way before a sale is made and long after a sale is made. Joe Moore is never too busy to be there for you. Tara H.

Sonia T.

Joe was great to work with in the buying and selling of my home. He was responsive, thoughtful, and thorough. I always felt cared for with Joe -and I especially appreciate how his focus is on maintaining a long-term relationship. It isn't just about the transaction.  Sonia T. 

Manual & Daisy M.

Very professional in his approach and dealings. He had some great tips for us to have a game plan set. he helped us to set realistic expectations Took the time to come and asses the property to give us suggestions to improve the marketability of the property. Really happy with his services. Manual & Daisy

Aziz K.

Joe has been instrumental in finding the right tenant for me. he did not accept the first candidate just to 'do his job', but wanted to make sure I was getting the right person, especially when he knew I would not be available to do the review myself. There were few items that needed to be taken care of and Joe went beyond his call of duty to help. I appreciated his work, his quick responses to my emails and his initiatives. If I ever sell my house, Joe will be the person i would contact. Great Service! Aziz K.

Shaun C.

Nobody likes making big decisions. But everyone likes a friend in the business. That's why I like working with Joe Moore. He doesn't sell you anything, he just helps you buy smart. If my mom were buying or selling a home tomorrow, I wouldn't feel comfortable if Joe wasn't the one helping her.  Shaun C.

Professional Service

Joe is a dedicated, hard-working and knowledgeable professional who works with enthusiasm and determination to sell your home or assist you in finding a new home. He is an expert in every aspect of the process and attentive to details. Due to his top-rated service and success in selling our home, I relied again on Joe to find my current home. (I had moved to an apartment after selling the first home). Joe presents in an easy and relaxed manner so he is able to work well with everyone involved in the real estate business. Additionally, he is always accessible to his clients so you can be sure your calls or concerns will be addressed promptly.

Bob & Carol W.

My wife and I listed our home with Joe and we were extremely pleased with the results. Our home sold in just one day. He is very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. We would definitely use his services again and would highly recommend him as well. Call Him!  Bob & Carol

Mike S.

I have had great experiences with Joe in both buying and selling houses. He was never pushy and was able to answer any questions I had. I will definitely use Joe again.  Mike S.

Tom M.

outstanding service!  sold in one day!! he does what needs to be done to buy and sell. no question!! T. M.

Mac & Steph M

We found Joe to be very diligent and patient. He was very knowledgeable of the market and had a keen sense to know exactly what we were looking for. He was professional and personable at the same time. He really and truly aimed to please his customers. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. Mac & Steph M.


Joe was outstanding and very patient in helping me find the "right" home for me. I looked at many places and just couldn't find the one that suited. Even though they were tough economic times, Joe stuck by me and never "influenced" me to purchase something I was not completely satisfied in buying. He also was very helpful with all of the financial arrangements, home inspections arrangements, and negotiation strategies. Joe worked very hard for me as I am sure he does for all of his clients.  Brian

Nancy M

Professional and personable. Always understanding and with us during a very emotional time selling our parents home, and helped us get the sale completed quickly. Highly Recommend!

Pam Tatam

Joe is the best realtor that we have ever worked with! He makes sure that you understand every step!

Diana A.A.

We very much enjoyed working with Joe Moore. Highly professional and pleasant to interact with.

Colleen M.

Joe helped me fine my first home, it took almost 2 years, he was helpful, patient and kind. He answered any question that I had no matter day or night. I couldn't have been more happy with his services and when its time to look again he will be the first call I make. THANK YOU JOE.

Patrick C

Joe was very patient with us when we were buying our first house. He made sure to explain all the details to us in ways that we would understand. We never felt pushed or pressured into making offers on homes that really weren't a fit. We always felt comfortable asking questions and asking to see more houses. Eventually he found us a house for us to get our start in. Our experience with Joe was very positive.

Brian William

Joe helped us buy our first house and the process couldn't have been smoother. Joe showed us a few houses and was very patient with us. We never felt pressured into anything and Joe was readily available to show houses anytime we were curious. He still sends us treats and thank yous from time to time and we could not have been more happy with his services!

Alana M

Joe coordinated everything wonderfully and went above and beyond to help me balance selling, buying, and moving. Highly recommend!

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